Effects of the Use of SNS (Facebook, youtube,..) in the Workplace

What are the effects of the use of social networking sites, Facebook in particular, in the workplace? This was the main Research Question of my Masters Thesis, in Mekelle University. For this purpose, i made a survey of 45 organiztions in Mekelle City, which have a broadband internet service in their workplace and allow the use of Social Networkig Sites (SNS). The study involves both qualitative and quantitative analysis, to measure the indirect and direct effects on job performance, respectively.

All who participated in the study are Monthly active users, 79% were weekly active users, and 97% of them were daily active users of SNS. Among all, 93% of the respondents use Facebook in their workplace, and 45% of them use YouTube, a video sharing website.

The Quantitative analysis was nnarrowly focused on measuring the average amount of time that an employee spent on SNS such as Facebook, which is the predominantly used SNS. According to the study, an employee spend 1:08 hours per day by going online and surfing in their social networking sites’ account. By comparing the time spent on SNS to the 8:00 hours standard work hours, we can infer that 13.82% of an employee’s work hours are spent on SNS. Defining productivity in terms of time that he spend on doing a job he hired for, we can conclude that productivity of an employee reduced by 13.82% due to the fact that the organization allowed the use of SNS in the workplace.
To be continued…….

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