There is a consistent protest my Ethiomuslims….what is the real demand of these protestors? Am an Ethiopian…not a muslim nor christian..nor EPRDFites….what is going on? I know you are persistent and consistent in your demand and protest…for all most 2 years….what is the real demand of your group? I wanna know. I know this…am a ethiopian and concerned…and if you dont involve us, you go nowhere….just involve the mass…we ethiopians too…what are your demands….you are ethiopians too, right?….so share with us….after all, we all are ethiopians…yours is ours….why you keep ignoring us?…is ur demand ours?…or are you with us?…you cant do it alone! Only with us, ethiopians…..what is going on!!!??????????????????
I dont want any radicalist to answer it for me nor EPRDFites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ምላሽ ይስጡ

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