Which Calendar is reliable: Ethiopian, European or Sidama Calendar?

Unlike the Ethiopian and European calendar, the dating system of the Sidama Calendar has an Ontological base that makes it a reliable (correct) calendar.

After referring, among others, #Matthew 26:2, #Mark 14:1, #Luke 22:1, #John 18:39, Matthew 26:19, #Mark 14:14, #Luke 22:15, #John 18:28-29a, Akin (2013) found that Jesus was either crucified on April 7 of A.D. 30 or April 3 of A.D. 33. As we know, Jesus was 37 years old when he was crucified. This confirms the claim by the Pope and many historians that Christ was born in 7BC to 4BC. Hence, if Jesus was crucified on April 7 of A.D. 30, it affirms that the European calendar lag by 7 years while the Ethiopian is by 14 years. However, if Jesus is crucified on April 3 of A.D. 33, then the Ethiopian calendar lag by 11 years and the European calendar lag by 4 years. In both cases the two calendars are not correct in terms of the subject that they base their dating systems. Because, it is a mere chance for Dennis the Small, who is the “inventor” of the modern calendar, to use the birth of Christ as a base for the new dating system. He drew up the new system in part to distance it from the calendar in use at the time, which was based on the years since the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian (Squires, 2012). The emperor had persecuted Christians, so there was good reason to expunge Dennis from the new dating system in favour of one inspired by the birth of Christ (Ibid.). Therefore, the correctness of the calendars does not matter since it could be based on the Birth date of Dennis the small or anyone else than Jesus….(it might be my birth date….lol) They only have epistemological base since they are based on some fasinating life story. The Sidama Calendar has logical base for its dating system. As compared with the Ethiopian and European, the Sidama calendar is more reliable. Because, it is an outcome of unreserved and relentless innovative efforts of selected knowledgeable and highly respected group of people who were actively involved in profound study of the solar system among which the moon, earth, sun and stars included. Hence,the Sidama calendar is not based on somebody’s birth day which makes it the reliable calendar than the Ethiopian and European calendars.
So, what blind us from realizing the essence of the Sidama’s calendar? It the epistemological crisis that victimized our political and eductional systems which makes us wonder about what others have blinding us from realizing the existing reality like the Sidama calendar.

Seyeex demands for the Sidama calendar to be the dating system of Ethiopia!!
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