President Girma W/Georgis is to Heal Isayas Afworki

We all know that the political elites in Asmera, Eritrea tried to create national identity based a loss ground. Before the formation of Eritrea in 1890 by the Italian colonial power, there was a common historical background and cultural affinities b/n the two people. Eritrea was part and parcile of Ethiopia since the Aksumite era. For instance, Teshale Tibebu (1995) affirms that the Aksumite (Ge’ez) civilization had its core concentrated in the region from Debra Bizan in Eritrea to Debra Libanos in Shewa.

Eritrea’s is the result of colonization and the wrong doings of the ‘national integration policy’ of Emperor Haileselasie I (1930-1974) and the ‘Ethiopia first’ motto of Mengistu H/mariam (1974-1991). Otherwise, the Eritrean ethno-nationalist rebellion since early 1960s was similar to that of Tigrai (1942-43), Bale (1963-68), Gojjam (1967). The difference is, while the last three were supressed, the Eritrean movement was intractable mainly due to the external support that others were not able to acquire.

Therefore, the same to N.Korea, the national identity formed by the Eritrean ellites faces the risk of being swallowed by the neighbouring giant. For this reason, the current elites in Eritrea do not allow peacefull r/s with Ethiopia since the two peoples can easily integrate which will diminsh the political control of the Isays regime. Further, due to the current situation in the country, Eritreans see Ethiopia as a Safe heaven, as well as a spring board to America.

With regard to the planned effort by the out-going president, though it will be difficult due the above mentioned reasons, it is a geniune act that we expect from him. President Girma woldegeorgis has done a lot to this nation. We owed him a lot. But more than all, with the Eritrean case, he understood that…ONE CAN NOT FIX STUPID WITH STUPID. We suffer from the stupidity of Isayas Afworki and his circle who were in his pocket that make us lose 70,000 lifes. Thus, the attempt by the president to heal Asmera’s stupidity by intelligence should be supported by all of us. We thank and Respect you…

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