Across Africa, China’s infulence is seen as growing faster than America’s, and China is almost universally viewed as ‘having a more beneficial impact on African countries than does the United States’.

Although the vast majority of Ethiopians see both China and America having an effect on the way things are going in thier country, China’s infulence is viewed as much more positive than America’s. By a 61 to 33 percent margins see China’s infulence as benefiting the counrty,wherea America’s infulence is viewed as more harmful than helpful, with a 54 to 34 percent margin. 86 percent in Senegal say China’s role in thier country helps make things better, compared to America’s 56 percent.

Across much of Africa China’s infulence is already as noticiable as America’s, and is increasing at much more perceptible pace than America’s. In Ethiopia, Ivory cost & Mali, 85, 72 and 81 percent, respectively, see China’s infulence as growing as opposed to 73,48 & 58 percent,respectively, who see America’s infulence as growing.