Democracy vs Development

Once Meles Zenawi said that democracy is not mandatory for a nation to bring economic development. Rather he claims that democracy is required for its own merit but not as an input for economic development, and he mentioned china as an example.

However, the other way round seems logical. To maintain a sustainable democratic system, a nation must be developed at the bare minimum. On this, Pears S. Back wrote ‘history has shown us that democracy has developed only where the dangers and difficulties of human life are reduced to a certian minimum’.

This could be the reason for most poor countries are struggling to maintain a democratic system but often achieve it once their economy is developed. Taiwan and S.Korea examplify the association of economic development and democracy.

It seems that those Ethiopian Activists and opposition leaders who priortize democracy before Hydero electric power do not want to realize this.


ምላሽ ይስጡ

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