Erratic conversations

Melese Birmeji
“To the extent possible I base my decisions on solid logic and hard empirical evidence, not on personal prejudice, myth, or hope.”
“What about the decision to get up in the morning?”
“That’s the sole exception.”

“I was up all night worrying about it. I couldn’t get to sleep.”
“Why do you insist on worrying about things you can’t control?”
“It keeps me from worrying about the things I can.”

“Eventually everyone must face the basic truth that, unless you’re a simpleton or a saint, maintaining your sanity means living within a cocoon built of lies–lies which, while perhaps individually inconsequential, do accumulate over time.”
“And how do you personally face that basic truth?”
“I lie to myself.”

“Music. Art. The movies. Every so often I encounter something new.”
“Does it give you any hope?”
“Yes and no.”