On The Concept of Liberation

ON THE CONCEPT OF LIBERATION–(Tothe Missed pages of Ethiopian Politics because of Race Mongers!)
By Lij Che

“,,,World History” as George Hegel put it, “is the Progression of the awareness of Freedom.” It is the process of the liberation of Man and Society as a whole. It is the passage from awarness of freedom to true freedom_ a fuller liberation of Man.

The motivating force of this process is man’s conquest of Freedom, achieved through a struggle against all the forces that Oppress man.

This process involves that the people who are actively engaged in the struggle for liberation are in Solidarity..!

Liberation is not only from exterior pressures, which prevent man’s fulfilment as a number of the human family_region, country and society, but also from within, from interior bondage_Liberation on a social plane and simultaneously liberation on a Personal or Psychological level.

The Personal Liberation is a pre-requisite for Social liberation.

The process of achieving liberation is not without a struggle. It is never ending, continuous human struggle against all force that Oppress man and Society.!!!