Ethiopian Brilliant Minds do-NOT-do Politics: But Where are they?

In todays Ethiopia, the prominent political leaders such as Ayele Chamiso, Abraha Desta, Ato Mesfin, E/r Yelkal, Asrat Tase, Mushe Semu, Hailemariam Desalegn… Are these the brilliant minds of Ethiopia? Of course they are not, they know that too (wanna check?… ask

It seems that the brilliant minds are goes for physical sciences, or technology, or business…leaving politics for the rest. I believe that the most brilliant minds hide their head behind the walls of class rooms, labratories, company offices or computer screens, hoping to avoid the human irrationality that they could face if they engage in politics.

Ayn Rand defind them as ‘compartmentalized minds’ and dicusses it as follows.

Today, we are seeing a ghastly spectacle: a magnificent scientific civilization dominated by the morality of prehistorical savagery.

The phenomenon that makes it possible is the split of psycho-epistemology of “compartmentalized” minds. Its best example are men who escape into the physical sciences (or technology or industry or business), hoping to find protection from human irrationality, and abandoning the field of ideas to the enemies of reason.

Such refugees include some of mankind’s best brains. But no such refuge is possible. These men, who perform feats of conceptual integration and rational thinking in their work, become helplessly anti-conceptual in all the other aspects of their lives, particularly in human relationships and social issues. For example, compare Einstein’s scientific achievement to his political views.

Man’s progress requires specialization. But a division of labour society cannot survive without a rational philosophy – without a firm base of fundamental principles whose task is to train a human mind to be human, i.e., Conceptual.

Lastly, i would like to add one exception. Meles Zenawi, as Suzan Rise call him, ‘he was uncommonly wise.’ But, what was he studying at campus?…to be a Neurologist. Would not it be a huge loss if he were to do that for living? He was just one of the 10 best minds of his batch. Where are they…hiding themselves behind walls? What if we had another 10 brilliant individuals like Meles Zenawi?

Plus, i assume that the brilliant minds are normaly distributed, thus, every generation has its own best minds. Where are they? Dont tell me that the current political elites are the best minds of the generation?