“EPDRF,,,,, its Wedding is when it Dies…Just like a Mute Swan”

A ruling political party that aimed to establish a revolutionary democratic system is assumed to have the fate of a Mute Swan. It is believed that a Mute Swan is utterly silent until the last moment of its life, and then sings one achingly beautiful song just before dying ( though in reality, the Mute Swan is not completely silent).

The reason behind such belief is that ruling parties like EPRDF are there to establish a sustainable democratic system. After a while, consequencial to the development of the country, these political parties cannot get the support of the Majority that enable them to hold on power.

We are observing a vast mobilization by the government to build infrastructures that improve the daily life of the rural people (even change their life-style). For instance, now there are more than 20,000,000 mobile phone subscribers in Ethiopia, which were a few thousands before ten years.

Democracy flourish where there are the so-called ‘political elites,’ These political elites need not be well educated but informed. For countries like Ethiopia, empowering the people with information is the most effective mechanism to develop a sustainable democratic system. The rural farmers of Ethiopia, which is a firm support base for EPDRF is becoming an informed society in unbelieveable pace. As we have seen it in 2005 (1997) the support for EPDRF in cities is low or very volatile. But within 2 or 3 election period, i assume that the rural part of Ethiopia will have the same characteristics.

When the country is developed, people demands freedom in all aspects of life primarily in economic choices, social and political life.

The economic, social and political aspirations of a well informed society are not compatible with governments led by political parties like EPDRF. While the ultimate goal of any democracic system is to maintain individual rights, often these political parties fall short on that. For instance, EPDRF in all its doings primarily focuses on group rights, which, as i think is the weakest spot of the party.

However, reaching that point of time should be the ultimate goal of EPRDF or other similar parties. Hence, at that point, because EPRDF achieves its ultimate goal and its programs are not compatible, it will die just like a Mute Swan, singing achingly abeautiful song. May be singing the …

“be-he-r behereseboch
ho-nu y’Ethiopia Hzeboch”


To justify this, one cadre said to me… “For EPDRF, its Wedding is when it Dies…just like a Mute Swan”

I dont think he said that by his own…as usual, he got it when his boss says so,….
…who also got it the same way
…then the same…….
…..Who also heared it from……
…… Meles Zenawi……