Truth is Ontological…so Absolute

Truth is Absolute…not Relative
(a response to Melese Birmeji’s claim that Truth is Relative)

Truth as the state of being true which is accord with fact or reality. Facts/reality are unanalyzable propositions which are true. People make true propositions and false ones about a fact/reality.

Take the 1+1: 2 scenario…the father makes his proposition by the model he used to think, which the son also did. The difference b/n the two does not makes the Truth relative…the doubt comes b/c of their take on the “subject”…the Maths 1+1: 2 is a concept not a fact. The same with physics and philosophical ideas.

So how dad and son could have their own take about the Truth? The answer is what they were talking about? The father put a concept into discussion. And through that both make an inference…they were using facts/reality to check the Truthness of a concept…the facts they (you) stated…the Bridge and Man+women are true b/c the confirm the reality…their claims were hold Truth. Because, there is no difference between truth and the reality to which it is supposed to correspond.

Where is the fualt line? It is in the conception that you call it model, which used concepts as means of a frame of reference. Concepts are integrated ideas, which comes from perceptive reality…concepts-ideas-facts/reality…here concepts have their base on facts/reality which is true ..then Truth…however is there any idea let alone a concept that incorporate inclusive of all the elements…facts/reality? No…1+1: 2 is this concept had incorporated the Man +women into its premise? No…though it is perfect in many things…but it could not be perfect as reality…b/c there are realities are not in it…

The thing is, there is a formula..logic…that is with Absolute Truth. But, it is only sets by one who knows everything…who knows all what we know and that which is beyond our understanding or imagination.

Knowledge is a drop…ignorance is an ocean! We know very little and we infer to the whole…so the relative is the knowledge that people have not the reality…and the our Truth is generalizable to the extent of our knowledge.

Melese… what makes Truth relative is, the way you see it…Truth is ontological…but not epistemological…
Ontological …for instance ‘Melese …your existence’ is an absolute truth. It is logically provable via theorems and formulas and logic paradigms. Therefore, we can say that truth conforms and affirms reality and/or logic.

Epistemologically…what you believe or say is true if it corresponds to the way things actually are—to the facts. But what do you know and how do you know it?

You cannot judge the “Truth” by what you know in the way that you know it…but by WHAT IT IS !!!
Whether you know it or not…but it is when man acts like it knows everything and then found not that it calls it relative…

Therefore, there is no Relative truth….there is just one Truth and it is Absolute!

So Truth is Absolute!