A story about an Afar Girl and Democracy

Once i read about a girl who is from one of the communities in the region. In this community the people have one Religion, life style, even the adressing style is all the same. Life is communial.

Within this social setting there was an erratic girl. She breachs all the social norms of the community. First family, then close relatives, later the community’s elders tried to change her behavior. She was alleged by the community memebrs that she don’t dress like them, ignored their religion, and have no respect to thier social norms. The elders gathered and “doomed” her by which she is no longer member of the community. She left the community for a while, moving to Semera (regional city). But she keeps living back in the community.

Then, the community elders reached at a horrible decision to “remove” her for good. To sustain the social norms of the community, she had to be removed. And they did it.
No legal procedure,…No Government…No human rights,…No freedom of Expression,…No freedom of thought…

… If you wish so many other existing realities, …In Omo valley, one cannot decide in his property (he can’t even sell his goat without the will of the community elders)

In Borena Oromo, an individual don’t obey any Institution if the Aba Geda says so…..etc.

Politics is about the relationship between individuals, groups (society) and/or institutions. A country has “Democratic system” when the interactions between the three parties are governed by the “democratic values”. In my Ethiopia, the same to most African countries, interactions between the parties, to the large extent, are governed Social norms and values that might not confirms or contrary with the democratic values (as i examplified it earlier).

Dear Michael Kebede
Make a Synthesis of the democratic values and existing reality!!!???

How does your argument of “..developing democracy in this country, is more a task of removing government instituted shackles on the arms of politics and civil society…” go along with the existing reality???