Good-for-nothing Intellectuals

#Melese Birmeji

Imagine having to deal with the condescending pity of a fellow youth who has been reading you on Facebook, who thinks he has found “absolute truth” and so has a duty to save you. He insists you are not Christian enough, that you are floating in the middle – all the way to hell. Forget that he’s a graduate, he doesn’t understand shit about those lofty philosophical debates on Human Ontology, Metaphysics, Dialectics, etc. And for all he cares, these are the evils St. Paul warned against in the Bible – worldly philosophies.

Now imagine visiting this guy and meeting him and his parents as well as siblings who are not given to the book. He reports you to everyone, and you are expected to explain what Husserl meant in his Phenomenology to this class, so they can understand how socialisation and culture can influence opinion and worldwiew.

You keep quiet because you don’t even know where to start. “You read books written by humaaaaans,” they yell! You tell them that it’s not about the books you have read, that you apply Reason to understand Phenomena, that you don’t follow the crowd in blind solidarity. Of course they don’t understand ‘Reason’ in its capital-letter sense, so you’re even more in soup. Then they yell again, “What has reasoning got to do with knowing God? You are truly lost!” Defeated, not for lack of proof, but nor lack of enlightened audience, you leave them to their sense of triumph. They pray for you before you leave, and leverage on their new conquest to tell you that “you see, you really don’t have any good reason not to be a good Christian…” You get home,and seeing your neighbour who has since “given up on you” for the same reason, you wonder why you did not have their kind of mind so you’d be happy like them all: accepting things without question; shutting your inner eyes permanently without ever trying to open them; recognizing that Philosophy and any such Inquiry are the Osu of mankind to be avoided; preferring only soft-sell magazines and novels, and then Christian manuals authored a thousand times in different bindings by different pastors, made up in two-third, of Bible quotations. Now you can truly see it that you are miserable, can’t you? I pity you, good-for-nothing intellectual; I pity you, ignorant knowledge-hunter!

#Seyoum Teshome

Last year I visited my family. They all know am a lost boy since i was 15. Then, out of a blue a priest come to our house. just as he in, everybody rise to kiss the Cross on his hand. while I was wondering why they do that, my lovely sister wake me by the outbrust of her laugh. The priest is infront of me putting his cross near to ma nose. then i kissed it! yes i did that! if I were not to do that my mother would be in agony…her son changes his religion to protestant or Islam…

In all that, i saw my elder brother. On my university graduate brother’s face I saw a sarcastic smile…with an expression of “you lost boy”… i did not want to start another fight… he often wins…he got all the backing from family members, i dont…he could say all he knows, but i can’t.. he pity me because i fail to conform the social norm. I pity him because he is such a freak who is proud of his stupidty!!

#Melese Birmeji

I got an unsolicited email this morning from someone similar… and had to explain that, not only do I know more about Christianity than many Chrstian scholars, and have deeper experience of his faith than I suspect he will ever hope to imagine… but I could school him on the Bible in ways that would lead him to suspect that I was either Satan himself, or Jesus reborn. Religion is what you get when the phenomenon is prohibited. And the phenomenon is us. Not angry idiot-gods with the mentality of human tyrants. Next.

As a philosopher, I am in love with learning and the possible structures of dependable frameworks of thought. As a seeker, I know something very direct about prophecy, revelation, and revealed knowledge. It is not that we see what our eyes want. Our eyes are not guided by desire, and light is only half their seeing, for without the mind the light is meaningless. The other half? It is identity. And that is partly what is observed and partly the light and partly -our purpose in looking-. We see what our purpose shapes from the chaos. This is not what we want, it is the echo of the purpose in seeing. So, too, in the mind. What is our purpose? This will become our mind, our seeing, and the seen.

#Ethiopian Atheists ነፃ ህዝቦች