We have one life to live, and when we’re dead, we’re done!

A distinguishing feature of Humanism is our belief that life is over when it’s over: we have one life to live, and when we’re dead, we’re done.

On first glance this doesn’t look like a “value” which might inspire service, but actually, accepting this fact of life is so wide and pervasive.

It is the fundamental view of life that determines man’s values and emotions. Thus, it is not just a value of life but shapes all other values of life.

For the reason that the ‘truth shall makes you free’, it emanicipates you from unrealistic assumptions and unnecessary confusions that obscure your way of seeing yourself: the value of your life.

Hence, it is not a mere value of life, rather, living a valuable life demands accepting the true face of life: when it’s over, it’s over.