If Atheism is a mere Disbelief of God’s Existence, it ain’t Worth my Time

The essence of the belief in God’s Existence is not merely psycho-sociological. In the history of human civilization ritual activities and beliefs played a significant role. Social norms, cultures and values have been shaped by these beliefs and activities. Either in these ritual beliefs or the belief in God, developed as a doctrine with the coming of religions, the concept of a supernatural power was consistent and common for all.

This implies that the belief in God’s existence is not merely psycho-sociological but philosophical too. Because, as Aristotle puts it Human being is different from other creatures since it is born conscious possessd. This consciousness creates metaphysical need to know. Metaphysical because it exists independent of consciousness. Therefore, the belief in a supernatural power is a metaphysical need for humans as affirmed by the vast majority of people in the world have some sort of belief. Not because God/gods exist but to satisfy this metaphysical need which is a distinictive feature of human beings. Having a conscious mind creates an immense pressure on humans in two ways:
1. The need to know everything which is almost impossible
2. The uncertianty of not knowing, which puts its survival (most ritual beliefs are based on this risk of not knowing)
In today’s civilization, the advancement in science and technology partially reduces the uncertianty of not knowing. When this happens, the inquiry turns to finding a “purpose of life?”…generally after one meets its metabolic needs, the metaphysical needs comes with a varying degree and problems. Therefore, the belief in a supernatural power is basically emanated from these two problems which are metaphysical to homo sapiens.

Hence, if the belief in God/gods is the result of the metaphysical problem of existence, a disbelief should have a mechanism to deal with it. Because, a disbelief in the existence of God does not evade the metaphysical problem. The belief in God is designed to give an animalistic peace for a rational being against its distinictive feature…it works very well. Though indoctrination has its share, but this need to know is the basic element for the existence of religions accross centuries. In the 18th century, with the flourishing of philosophy it was deemed that religion was to be replaced by science. Not because science itself is very much limited to meet this metaphysical need.

In the modern world, this metaphysical problem is dealt with
1, by being Utilitirian Materialist
2. Having Religious faith
3. By being Scientific scholar (Enstien)
4. By being philosophical thinker

Those grouped 1-3 choose the way as a escapegoat to the metaphysical problem of existence. They did not face the real face of reality. However, through out history only those who were philosophical rational thinkers grasped the essence of this metaphysical need…they defined the path of world history. It is because of these people we reached the current level of civilization. It is these philosophers who saved us from the mess of religion.

After all this, my question is, what is different with atheism? If it does not address the metaphysical problem of existence, through the only means, which is philosophical, it is another fad against religion.

All your acts are guided by moral values and in atheism there ain’t any to derive from. The values that you talk are mainly borrowed from the theism. Thus the values of atheism are deep rooted in philosophy-love of wisdom…knowng through reasoning…inquiring everything!

This why i say, if atheism is a mere disbelief of God, it ain’t better than theism.

It is philosophical thoughts and books that guided you in the way out of theism, not you suddenly start to disbelief God’s existence. Once you are liberated, you hate to revisit them, ….”so you think u got he solution” who said that?

Atheism is not an end by itself…a means of seeking the truth through reasoning, the only means of knowledge!!! That solves the metaphysical need of humans!!!!