The #Metaphysics of #Man #Creating #God!

The Metaphysically Given
1. Inanimate matters do not possess the power of self-initiated motion.
2. Living Organisms possess the power of self-initiated motion directed by perceptive consciousness.
3. Man possesses the power of self-initiated motion directed by cognitive consciousness.

The only difference between inanimate matters and living organisms is the self-initiated motion, whereas the consciousness cannot exists without a motion to direct. Further, the it is also a metaphysical fact that the self-initiated motion exists as a result of the metabolic processes within the living organism. Thus, the metabolic process is the only thing between the living organism and inanimate matter. It is a metaphysical reality that none can alter it.

The perceptive cosnsciousness possessed by living organisms is metaphysically given to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, or sensory patterns. It enables a mere perception of reality without necessarily implying understanding.

The metaphysically given cognitive consciousness of man, in addition to the state of being aware, it involves cognitive processes such as memory, producing and understanding language, learning, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making.

However, both the perceptive and cognitive consciousnesses of living organisms can be used to direct their self-initiated motions. These two metaphysical facts: consciousness and self-initiated motions, cannot exist separately. The consciousness exists as long as there is a self-initiated motion since it is merely a power that directs the motion. When the living organism cease to initiate the motion, the consciousness also ceases because there is nothing left to direct. Therefore, when a living organism cannot initiate the motion, when the metabolic process ceases to maintain the self-initiated motion, it turns to be an inanimate matter. Therefore, to sustain the self-initiated motion and the power that directs it, all living organisms must meet their metabolic requirements.

The peceptive consciousness only allows living organisms to move in accordance of their natural body. However, the cognitive consciousness of man enables it direct its self-initiated motion through a cognitive process – thinking. And this is the distinictive feature which is metaphysically given to Man merely for the sake of directing its self-initiated motion.

Different from other living organisms, the cognitive consciousness endowed man with one distinictive intellectual ability. In maintaining the self-initiated motion, other organisms can only percieve reality and develop a state of awareness. However, the cognitive consciousness of man is not merely to identify the elements of reality. It also enables Man to conceive the rearrangement of the elements of reality.

Despite the metaphysical fact that its cognitive consciousness which is given to power its self-initiated motion, man used it for thinking to rearrange the reality, which is wrong!!! Because, the cognitive consciousness cannot serves a purpose beyond what is given for: a power directing a self-initiated motion, which is the same purpose that other living organisms use theirs. Wrong because, conceiving a rearranged reality do not alter the metaphysical fact.

Rather than using it for the purpose it was given for; sustaining the the self-initiated motion by meeting the metabolic requirments, why man go further to conceive its own reality? It is because the metaphysically given fosters another metaphysical need. The cognitive consciousness produces language which immensely develops man’s learning, reasoning and problem solving. This develops an inherent need to know, to identify the elements of reality, which entails the metaphysical fact that it exists in the same way any other living organism does. By its own, Man learns that the metabolic process is in between of it to be an inanimate matter or a living organism.

This is the most unbearable metaphysical fact that led man to conceive a rearranged reality. By that the metaphysical needs of man are met through illusions that create a transcendent reality. It is through this process that man creates a transcendent reality through ritual beliefs, religions and other theistic activities. This is how #man #creates #God (not otherwise) as a figment of its imagination.

To conclude, Man is a deperate animal struggling against its own distinictive characteristic of a disparate intellectual capacity to cover a metaphysical fact by a transcendent reality!!!!!

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