Atheists and Theists have the Same Moral Foundation Unless one of them is a FISH !!!!

Theists often claim that Atheists do not have Moral Values. But it is not the case. It is puffy for theists the claim the Moral values that govern their character. Because, the values are not deriven from the belief in God or commanded by him. Rather, the Moral values are emanated from Man’s natural characteristic: the cognitive consciousness.

Basically, things don’t become morally valuable because God prefers them; God prefers them because they are morally valuable. And the moral values are rights subject to individuals’ reasoning and cognition. For instance, enslavement is morally wrong. It need not be a duty to oppose it. If one claims that enslavement is wrong because God says so, he should answer what the f**k God (if any) was doing during the 18th and 19th centuries when “black men” were traded like commodity. How stopped it? The critical thinkers and ordinary peoples who did not forgot to be human! Hence, moral values are inherent to man’s natural character who is morally required to try to stop as it witnesses genocide, or enslavement, or torture, etc. Man acts morally because its nature enforces it but not God enforces man! The Moral values that we inherently acquire are attributed to Man kind not to God/gods.

However, in an attempt to make them universally accepted along a social structure of a community, the humanily values cloured to be the commandments of God. For the purpose of making the community obey moral values and rules (administrative), they deemed to be God’s Commands and the leaders acted as the messangers: For instance, consider the story about the Abrhamic God and the 10 commandements of Mussie to the Israelis, or the relationship b/n Prophet Mohammed and Allah. Therefore, morality is independent of God.

Further, morality is independent of theism. Because, man behaves morally not because it is commanded by God rather by its cognitive consciousness. It is only if morality is independent of God that any person can have a moral basis for adhering to God’s commands. Thus, i adher to a certain command because it is morally right. But when am told to behave in a certain way it becomes no more a moral right but duty imposed. Imagine you are told to love and respect your family. You learn to love and respect through the intimate relationship within your family; particularly with your mother. If you were born and grew in a Gehtto expriencing intimate relationship, God would not come to command your conduct and character.

Finally, the moral philosophy pespective also affirms the non-exsistence of God. As we disscussed above, the moral rights and wrongs are not defined by God’s commands. Rather, the morally rights and wrongs are valued frist by Man and, then, cloured as commands for the sake of obedience, including adminstrative rules. Hence, the commans goes from Man to God, not the other way round, affirming the metaphysics of “Man creating God.”

The metaphysical needs of man to know, in addition to the Metaphysical question (where am I?) and the Epistemological question (how do i know?), the third is the Ethical/morality question (what should i do?). These are the three fundamental questions that are natural to a being born with a cognitive consciousness possessed, which is distinictive to man. Since man satisfies its metaphysical need of knowing everything by creating a transcendent reality, it created God and divert the questions from itself conceiving the Omniscient God commanded the morally rights and wrongs. Hence, metaphysically given moral values of man are undeservely given to God.

Thus, for those who claim that Atheists have no moral base, let them know that they have the Moral values since they are Humans but not because their belief in God. Therefore, Atheists and Theists are governed by the same moral values unless one of them turns to be non-human!!!