The persecution of Ethiopians is in violation to the words of Prophet Muhammed.

-Saudi Arabia Embassy, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia
-Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
-United Nation Permanent Mission of Ethiopia
-United Nation Permanent Mission of Saudi Arabia

The persecution of Ethiopians is in violation to the words of Prophet Muhammed.

Dear Mr/Ms,

Prophet Muhammed, seeing the sufferings of the Muslims, advised those who had no tribal protection to migrate to Abyssinia (present day Ethiopia). He told them that ‘there is a king in whose territory no one is wronged. Stay there until Allah makes circumstances favourable for you to return.’ These are the words of the Prophet demonstrating Ethiopia as a safe place for people of Saudi Arabia.

As the Prophet promised to them, Allah makes circumstances favourable for the people of Makkah. Today, Saudi Arabia is a prosperous kingdom where many Ethiopians migrate. They migrate with a dream to break the vicious circle of poverty that they encounter at home. Unfortunetly, Ethiopians are being hunted and killed by the same people who protected Muslims of Makkah from the persecutions of the Quraysh.

Dear Mr/Ms, I am writing this letter to remind you that the persecution of Ethiopians by the Ministry of Interior of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom is a violation if the words and teachings of Prophet Muhammad. Thus, the concerned bodies should be conscious of this Quranic truth in repatriating Ethiopian citizens.

I Thank you

Seyoum Teshome
Lecturer at Ambo University, Ethiopia

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