Adigrat roof vs Tokyo roof

By Admin
😀 Junko Kariu and Masahiro Nagata, check the roof_top_potato_farm_in_Tokyo, Japan

😮 A woman check the #roof_top_teff_farm_in_Adigrat, Ethiopia

😀 Tokyo – crops planted on rooftops create new jobs and lower temperatures

😮 Adigrat – Crops planted on rooftops substantiate family’s income and lower temprature… plus regulate the room temprature by making it cooler during day time and warm at night.

Though both 😮 & 😀 struggle with problems from food safety to global warming to unemployment:
😀 the Tokyo rooftop farmers started it recently and …the #Educated_elites_in_Japan_acknowledge it a #PostModernity_phenomenon and agument it by #scholaristic works!

😮 the Adigrat rooftop farming has been there for millennia and… Ethiopian_elites_acknowledge_it_as_a_traditional_farming_because_they_were_taught_about_the_Modernity of Japan and are trying to “adopt” it…

In Ethiopia, the #educated is the one who knows more about others’_values_but_damn_ignorant_of_his_society’s_values!!