Good wish both from “haters” and “lovers”…oh…it makes u feel good…am feeling damn good!!!

Though it seems eerie that on my birthday not partying out…but talking to myself….trying to define the “whats” and “whys” of my life!

Actually, your birthday is special, a once a year event to make some sort of soul-searching!


For me, Life is like a spark of light between two #eternal_darknesses: before birth and after death…i don’t have spare time to worry about my existence in the darknesses.

The only way to value my life is by #Valuing_others_life! Contributing to someone’s life in a meaningful way….to make it better

The virtue_of_my_life comes from thinking about:
1. My Mother and lovely Sis.
They and several other people inspired and encouraged me; they valued my life in a meaningful way…I owe them too much and can only pay it by doing the same!!

2. Me_and_Myself
Who said that ‘Man’s life is valuable than that of a Monkey only because it can figure out the purpose of its existence.’?

As for me, Life_without_a_reason_to_live_for; purpose of existence undefined, being alive alone is not worthy to live.

Searching my soul day-in-day-out, I figured out that, in LIFE, there is nothing better to do than valuing others’ life, which gives one a sense of purpose.

Yes, I was not born for a purpose nor duties to serve. I never accept for anyone to impose them on me; not for the society or any other being that would make me live a servant’s life.

“As a human being,” I asked myself, “what else is there to live for other than valuing_others’_life?”

By exercising my rational capability for its own merit, I figured out both the meaning and purpose of my existence. This is all about my life! #Happy_Birthday_to_Me!