The “HOLY WAR” BED-TIME STORY It is a ‘Kiss by a Corpse!!’

Undoubtly, Abrham Lincon of US America, Menelik II of Ethiopia; and Otto Von Bismarck of Germany are the most prominent leaders during late 19th century. They significantly contributed in overcoming the bleak future of their people by uniting their country! Beside their contribution in sustaining the unity of their country: Lincon is still praised for emancipating the black Americans from Slavery and Bismarck for his amazing diplomatic skill!

One got to be such a fanatic racist not to acknowledge Menelik’s contribution in founding Ethiopia in its current form. More than all, it has to be an absolute ignorance for an Ethiopian not to give credit for protecting us all from the tragedy of colonization and the subsequent lost identity and dignity!!

Though they pay tribute to their leaders but neither the Americans nor Germans call the war they fought each other for and against Unity as A “HOLY WAR”!! Because they don’t lack the consciousness nor politeness to realize that nothing is holy about a civil war where children of a nation kill each other!!! Thus, the intellectuals sphere in these countries is not victimized by by knowledge deficiency, and celebraties there won’t dare to regard these civil wars as “holy wars”

However, in Ethiopia, people like Teddy Afro who are intellectually stupid and spiritually worst than any other lay, got the moral to act as the political elites of the nation. It is in high school that knew the role of Abraham Lincon and Otto von Bismarck in unifying their country, which Teddy Afro was stupid as such to grasp the basics world history and FAILED TO JOIN UNIVERSITY. Or he did not use the shortcut of private colleges and buy a false degree. Where the hell does he got Moral to give me a history lesson which he knew nothing! How come that a person who is cold blooded to run his car over a poor man and cruel as such to let him die there give me a spiritual lesson about “holy war”

I am sorry, Teddy Afro is Stupid as such to understand what inferential validation is all about. If he had a clue of it, he won’t dare to call Menelik’s war against Kawo Tona “Holy” just because the former washed the legs of later and said “I fought with you just to unite Ethiopia.”
Does he have the rudiment knowledge that those who kill or killed are soldiers not the kings? No!

Is he morally consciousness that each and every mother morn the death of her childern for the entire life? No!!

The end justifies the means,…So be it…the Unification of Ethiopia justifies the war against those who oppose the Menelik’s rule, but does it makes the war “Holy” Damn….No!

Is Teddy Afro political scientist? Historian? Academic scholar?

Am sorry Teddy Afro….you have neither the intellectual nor moral capacity to make a political, historical and spiritual discourse about our country! The money and fame together with the lack of a rudimentary knowledge about the subject blind folded you from grasping the existing reality!!

So, if you don’t mind, why don’t you shut your Loooose mouth and do what you are good at? Because, next time such stupidity would costs us darely!!!!!!

And by the way, your fairy tale “HOLY WAR”…it could be a nice “BED-TIME STORY”…Tell it to your son….
“…Once upon a time there was a king……he unites the nation without bloodshed…he was so polite to wash the legs of local kings who surrendered to him

…Menelik was also amazingly nice to Ras Ali of Wollo to fight him three times and surrender him all the time …..but rather than removing him from his place..he was such romantic to give his own daughter to Ras Ali after naming him Ras Mechael……his holiness……bla bla…even his wars were “holy”

In telling this bed time story:
1. Don’t ever try to depict what the fighting between Menelik’s soldiers and others!
2. Don’t tell the fact that war is not a fight like the one in play station or cartoon films, but where people’s blood and flesh are scattered….Testestrone rised to the highest level where man changes to be animalish!
3. Don’t tell that Menelik went to their place to control them, thus, he was the invader and they were defenders witht he just cause!
4. Don’t tell the boy how Menelik massacred the people of Chiro and Arisi!

If you miss any of the above rules, your son will be terriorized as if he was watching the “JEEPERS CREPERS” horror move!!!!