EGYPT’s 1,400 years Old Imperialism Policy can only be halted by Demanding Ethiopia’s “Natural right” over #Suez_Canal: #Equitable_Share of the Naturally Endowed Resources!!!

Egypt’s Imperialist Policy against Sudan and Ethiopia traced back to 7th Century: Since their conversion to Islam, Egypt’s Intent has been a mere IMPERIALISM. Lately they whitewashed it using the “Historical Right” metaphor!

It has never been about equitable share of the resource while Egypt consistently professed itself willing to got to war over the issue. Nina Ninkovic is a water security expert at the Geneva School of Diplomacy who wrote a thorough analysis on She underlines that the current tensions between Egypt and Sudan, its neighbor to the south, are merely a continuation of a two thousand year-old struggle over who will control the regions scarce water resources. The ICE Case Study, “Nile River Dispute” discuss the imperialist intent of Egypt over the issue as follows:
“….Several times throughout history, Egyptians have tried to unify the Nile valley under their rule by conquering the Sudan. The lands to the south of them that bordered the river were in constant danger. The Sudan was invaded during the reign of Queen Sheba, during the Roman rule of Nero, and countless other times. This is because the Egyptians have always feared that one day the Nile’s waters would no longer reach their country. People believed, that since the flow of the Nile was so unpredictable, something had to have been affecting it. A legend says that during one particularly bad famine in Egypt, the Egyptian Sultan sent his ambassadors to the king of Ethiopia in order to plead with him not the obstruct the waters. A Scottish traveler in the 18th century recounted a story that the King of Ethiopia had sent a letter to the pasha in 1704 threatening to cut off the water. Given this fear it is quite natural that the Nile countries desire to secure their water supplies.” (for detailed analysis please see

The concluding remark by Ninkovic implies that despite past injustices, Ethiopia must realize that in fragile security systems, its destiny is tied to others, and also suggest that a more sustainable solution would be to put more effort in engaging other countries dependent on the Nile: Nile water issues transcend politics and are deeply rooted in history, religion and identity. However, since the launch of the Nile Basin Initiative of 1999, Ethiopia has been following paved the way for a sustainable solution by engaging all the basin countries and demanding an equitable share, which is also the primary objective of both the Helsinki Agreement of 1966 and the United Nations Convention on the Law of Non-Navigational Uses of International Watercourses. The effort predominantly lead by Ethiopia for a decade failed to resolve the conflict, against all the agreements and UN Convention, Egypt and Sudan claimed “historic rights” over the river, while the upstream states claiming for equitable shares. What is covered under this “historical rights” metaphor is the 1,400 years old Imperialist intent of Egypt. For those who are naive to doubt this fact, “if this is not Imperialism, there is no such a thing!!!”

So what shall we do to deal with this Imperialist Power? We need to shock Egypt by making the most erriest stand than the current “Equitable Share” of the reource! Let’s tell Egypt boldly and bluntly (they accustomed to behave this way for centuries) that Egypt owns Suez Canal and so do Ethiopia over Blue Nile! The right to use the resource can only be obtained by trading the ownership right on each strategic resources. Currently, Egypt has a 100% control right over Suez Canal which is Proportional to the full control right over Blue Nile! If Nile is a ‘Blood’ for Egyptians, Suez Canal is a ‘Blood Vessel’ to us. By this, let’s start from the scratch, which is the only way to dislodge the decay of 1,400 yrs old imperialist Mentality!!!

2 thoughts on “EGYPT’s 1,400 years Old Imperialism Policy can only be halted by Demanding Ethiopia’s “Natural right” over #Suez_Canal: #Equitable_Share of the Naturally Endowed Resources!!!

  1. Seyoum, sorry to say this but your argument is too one-sided. I have no problem with your facts, but your conclusion is rather astonishing for its lack of level-headedness.

    As the expert put it correctly the issues over the Nile “transcend politics and are deeply rooted in history, religion and identity.”

    This means for me that it should be approached carefully, with a gradual effort to build census, coupled with some pressure when that does not work.

    Full claim over the Nile as you suggested is very counter-productive.
    First it is unrealistic/wrong, since as we know it Egypt is totally dependent on the Nile.
    Second such a position, if adopted by Ethiopia, would buttress Egypt’s position since they would have the moral right to accuse Ethiopia of aspiring to destroy the Egyptian nation.

    Third, such a dangerous position can unnecessary inflame hostility. Ethiopia being the seat of the AU, this will have reverberations over the continent. Even a break or serious strain of diplomatic ties will negatively affect the perceived stability of the Horn region, discouraging business, destabilizing politics, and shadowing relationships for decades.
    What is more, if Ethiopia would take the position you proposed and an extreme (military) government holds power in Egypt and adopts a similar extreme position, a war could erupt. However small the likelihood, could you understand what such a scenario would look like? It would be a serious conflict that might engulf the whole region of the Horn, involving Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia and more.

    Egypt has been wrong for long, but the way forward is not to repeat after them and exhibit the same level of stupidity. That will only bring forth disaster. I think we need a lot of cool headedness here, and be guarded in our approach.


  2. The Imperialist policy of Egypt towards Ethiopia over Nile depicts a Corrupt mentalty by the ruling elites consistent from ancient to modern history….this has been costing us darely and it has to stop at a point. For in the case that you intend and also followed by the current government is wanting to change little by little such as through the Nile basin initiative framework and diplomatic means….but for similar cases, as Niccolo Machiavelli (1517) underlines, It is impossible to persuade Egyptians of to what we intend, as he puts it…”for men living in one manner, do not want to change, and the more so as they do not see the evil face to face, but being shown to them as (mere) conjecture.”

    in such cases the Machiavellian principle suggests the use of extraordinary means to change such corrupted mentality….my article goes in line with this principle and will bring Egyptians back to their sense!

    Or, can anyone enlighten me why Egypt have a full ownership right (though built by France) on Suez canal and we cannot claim same right on Nile?
    I am wondering about the difference b/n Gas resource and water resource, while both are naturally endowed and important to all of us, but the former can be owned by a party and the later can not be?


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