POLITICAL GAMBLING IS FOR THE PARASITES NOT PEASANTS (HOST): The Useless Urban Dewlers and Unaccountable Political Elites Demonizing the Humble yet defenseless PEASANTS but still PARASITE on their sweet! By: Tamrat Tam Rat

Peasantry life is unbearably painful, highly insecure and is exposed to natural valnerability and social/political injustice. They are front liners to die for the country, the last privileged and sadly defenseless on psychological warefare, stereotypes and more importantly distortion on political gambling.

Their utmost contribution in political will is being recruited in army /guerrilla and scarifying proudly to their mythical Ethiopia that never empower them to further authority including full right on their fixed property that challenges mobility, technological transformation and integration with urban dwellers.

The peasantry seem to build strict comfortable zone for the existing environmental and societal structure and has adapted survival mechanisms for the uncontrolled natural shocks, survival intelligence for the social and political incompetence; and the unrestricted authority and intervention of the unquestionable god.

I had a well deserved time to live with the peasantry and had a closer look at their norm of life. even though it was not as much ample time as it took to see Gonder I saw Tigray from Maichew, Mekele, Wekro, Adigrat,……Shire and Endabaguna. most if not all are illiterates, poor, deprived. but they are also wise, God loving, compassionate and humble.

Multifaceted deprivation in its strict sense is what explains the peasantry life the most. Let alone to disregard and humiliate other tribes and clones far distant from their interactive circumstances, I mean with politically motivated insults and derisive epithet, their political consciousness is not strong enough to respect their own right from predatory dignitaries and parasitic kebele Cadres suppression. its natural, however, to build pejorative out look one clone to the other depends on utilization for natural resources and border conflicts and that is all across the country and should not be given political interpretation. [there is of course orthodoxy social strata that undermines and marginalizes minority groups like handcrafts from common social practices and yes there is discriminating traditions].

Alemneh is not the first dumb to disregard farmers. EPRDF in its monthly publication which I havent read discribes farmers whom they claim we are fighting for as illiterates who never understand democracy and is reactionary for democratization process. Governor Teklegiorgis once said to Jesuit Barradas: “Father those villains are like camels, they cry and groan when they are loaded. But in the end they carry the load that is put on them” in short the peasantry has been suffering from series of discriminatory propaganda and stereotype by legitimate and illegitimate authorities and political powers.

However, a fine observation reveal Alemneh’s baseless accusation. The peasant is the peasant we all know walking miles on barefoot, maltreated, illiterate marginalized from real political authorities and are cards elites playing on to maximize their opportunity of controlling political economy of the country. all the distortion, tension between decent people comes out of bitter tongues of the partially educated urban dwellers and political elites. Forget influencing boundaries, the farmer has never been getting rest of striving for survival.

Quoting the following would be more revealing than the said nonsense above.
“There is no harder worker than the Abyssinian peasant, no more harmless and hospitable person when left alone and properly treated; and no more worthless, truculent, conceited, lazy and useless individual than the Abyssinian soldier, who formerly did nothing but prey upon defenseless cultivator”

[Time changes but the humbleness yet defenselessness of the peasants is yet surfaced. The likes of Alemneh, unaccountable useless keep demonizing the peasant but still parasite on their sweet]