The MOMENT was during Last year in Addis Ababa. On my way to Mekelle that I meet this pretty woman from Dessie. She was staying the night in the same hotel next to my room.

As I walk into the corridor, carrying dusty bag and stuffs all over my body…Right to the room i was gettingin, there she was…can’t even guess what the heck she was doing to her leg. I just stopped and directly gaze at her. Then, move towards her as if she were waiting for me!

Looking and walking straight, approached her, then, to my amuzement murmured, “whollyshit!!…what a beauty!”

I had to go the bus station and buy ticket. The second moment! Another look, longer and deep in her soul, or may be my soul.
“Oh me!”.
This time, she gazed at me briefly. Awesome!

In my way back from the station, walking fast… Pondering how can i get her number?
“F**K!!…never been good at it!…”

Yes! she still there on the chair, unmoved. Damn! She is joined by another woman… Hate that one, eh!

Well, I just keep walking,..looking down…right before I get into my room…oops!..the MOMENT!…out of blue!

You guessing, right?..Not the moment you know! No one would have expected it… Such moment never deemed right to meet a soul-mate. We cannot guess an errie moment.. Or it would not be a moment! At least, it would not be erratic!

Huh, the strange moment to meet my soul mate was to catch her saying “I wanna go to heaven” Yes, it was a sufficient cause for me to swiftly turn and said to her, “I wanted to go to hell. You coming with me?”

“what?!….oh noo!…what?…haha” shock, amuzed, then laughter!

I waited…she can’t stop cracking.
“ok..may be your number?”

“what for?”

“Just to talk to you everyday”


“You Christian, right?…..Hope you know the versus that JESUS taught about ‘the Lost sheeps'”

“Yea…right! He taught…”

I interrupted her to say “Your duty!…am lost and you my savour!”

She brusted in laugh, then love….”you such erratic!…sit here?…..huh…why u want you want to go to hell?… such funny!…..”
I kept my promise, called her everyday for the first 6 months.. until the day she failed to respond. Thus, ignored her to the end of the year, during which she realized ‘when i say it, it meant it.’ She was ‘late but not too late.

‘WE’ have been calling each other. Don’t even guess how often. Barely my daily disposal was on mobile card.

I ceased to Phone her since last friday. I was engaged in a busy-i-ness of L.o.v.e! She My fiance!

Who said that “glance makes moments more beautiful”? Perfect! With her, I feel entirely whole, healed and intact!
O….h yea!!!

For the moment of meeting a soul-mate, there is no script. If any, one cannot act!!!

You can’t hide nor justify, as your mate knows what you said and why! Spell-it-out or be silent, neither make you geniune. Because, with your soul-mate, SILENCE is as assertive as WORDS!!!