Support services should be proactive which requires long-term view of current problems (Temtime and Pansiri, 2005)and efficient in identifying the key problems(Gebreeyesus, 2007).Series of surveys by theCentral Statistical Agency (CSA, 1996; 1999; 2003; 2010)make a spotlight primarily onthe lack of market, shortage of supply of raw materials, and shortage of working capitalas the first and most pressing problems that obstruct the growth of the MSEs. It has been three years since the government properly addresses the two critical problems which hinder the emergence of a thriving private sector:lack of technological base and rampant managerial problems.Ei-Namaki (1987)regards the lack technological base and managerial problems as the structuralproblems of MSE sector which demonstrated themselves in a tangible enterprise mortality rate invariably in all developing countries. Thus, on the contrary, these two problems of the sector should be prioritized as they contribute more in deterring growth and/or worsening the aforementioned constrictions.


ምላሽ ይስጡ

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