Slavery vs Colonization: The Argument of Who had it Worst?

1) Slavery is worst, you are stripped over everything and given freedom over nothing. You are forced to view yourself as they see you, a captive without dignity.

2) Colonization is worst because you may not always be aware that you are being brainwashed, conditioned and rebuilt to fit someone elses purposes.

Such a complete dominion would not possible without prohibition of Education to the then slaves. For instance, the South Carolina law which was codified in 1740 states:
“Be it enacted, that all and every person and persons whatsoever, who shall hereafter teach or cause any slave or slaves to be taught to write, or shall use or employ any slave as a scribe, in any manner of writing whatsoever, hereafter taught to write, every such person or persons shall, for every such offense, forfeit the sum of one hundred pounds, current money.”

WIREDU (1998) AND ABDI (2006) describe Colonialism as more than a political and economic imposition which would not be possible without the Eurocentric education system. Serequeberhan (1994) suggests, there must be a reflective and critical effort to rethink the indigenized African situation beyond the confines of Eurocentric concepts and categories.