How is it possible to create more just forms of peace in our world?

Just peace is possible by strengthening ways of knowing which sustainably weave together understandings of “self” and “other” to support relationships of care over dehumanization and violence. “Maternal thinking” can be understood as a feminist “weaving” epistemology or flexible way of knowing that promotes meaningful inclusion, symmetrical power relations, and positive peace through three major practices:
(1) living with dissonance,
(2) creatively overcoming disconnects between the interests of the self and the other, and
(3) bridging practical goals for surviving the present with more idealistic goals for best practices in the future. This weaving epistemology supports human rights practices promoting people over profit, equality over discrimination and violence, and restorative rather than retributive forms of conflict transformation.

Journal of International Political Theory-2014-Confortini-70-93.pdf


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