5 Crucial Failings of the Objectivist Epistemology:

1) Objectivism understands knowledge as impersonal, failing to take into account the irreducible personal element;

2) It depicts knowledge in an abstract fashion, omitting the context that allows knowledge to be attained at all;

3) It is dualistic, in that it thinks only in terms of “subject” and “object” and implicitly regards the knowing subject as a disembodied mind;

4) It is static, concentrating only on completed knowledge rather than actual acts of knowing;

5) It fails to understand the communal context of the knowing process.

Polanyi’s theory of knowledge

Murray Jardine (2011)Sight, Sound, and Knowledge: Michael Polanyi’s Epistemology as an Attempt to Redress the Sensory Imbalance in Modern Western Thought, Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 2011 31: 160