JUSTPEACEthrough Feminist Epistemology: Emancipatory Politics through Feminist Practice

A feminist-driven understanding of practice provides us with tools for pursuing emancipatory, rather than oppressive politics. It does so by enabling us to do the following: expose silences and bring our attention to marginalized voices; use self-reflexivity to critically examine our assumptions, “truths,” or possibly oppressive practices, and listen empathetically to others while putting our subjectivities on back stage to foster the creation of hybrid subjectivities in dialogue.

This kind of feminist practice allows us to move toward more substantively inclusive relationships because it compels us to deepen the roots, as well as widen the borders, of our engagement with the other.
Confortini and Ruane (2013), Journal of International Political Theory 10(1) 70 – 93


ምላሽ ይስጡ

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