So, you think you Know God?

Whatsoever we imagine is #finite. Therefore there is no  idea or conception of anything we call #infinite. No man can have in his mind an  image of infinite magnitude;  nor conceive infinite swiftness, infinite time, or infinite force, or infinite power. When we say anything is infinite, we  signify only that we are not able to conceive the  ends and bounds of the thing named, having no conception of the thing, but  of our own inability.

And  therefore  the  name  of  #God  is used, not to make us conceive Him (for He is incomprehensible, and His greatness and power are  unconceivable), but that we may honour Him. Also  because  whatsoever,  as  I  said  before,  we  conceive  has  been perceived  first  by  sense,  either  all  at  once,  or  by  parts,  a  man  can have  no  thought  representing  anything  not  subject  to  sense.

No  man therefore  can  conceive  anything,  but  he  must  conceive  it  in  some place;  and  endued  with  some  determinate  magnitude;  and  which  may  be divided  into  parts;  nor  that  anything  is  all  in  this  place,  and  all  in another  place  at  the  same  time;  nor  that  two  or  more  things  can  be in  one  and  the  same  place  at  once:  for  none  of  these  things  ever have  or  can  be  incident  to  sense,  but  are  absurd  speeches,  taken upon  credit,  without  any  signification  at  all,  from  deceived philosophers  and  deceived,  or  deceiving,  Schoolmen.
Leviathan, Thomas Hoppes, pp 11.