Once up on a time in Woliso town there were three little children 😎 who were starving for new ideas for their research paper:o ……….the older child of them 3 children got a big head like a lollipop;) but also a brilliant mind as i am writing this now he is using his big head of his n trying to finish our paper:). . .the middle child of the three children is always making an excuse:@ to go out side away from the research  she is outside as am writing this;> hahahaha she is gone kill me when she reads this:D. . . . .the last child of the three children is trying to stay awake for the sake of their paper:/ as if she is doing anything to help them hahaha i guess that’s me.:>

At last hopefully  our paper will be done soon cause the tension is eating us alive.;( The funny thing about the three children is that they relax a lot almost forget about the paper 😎 except from the first child then when the due date for our paper is near me n the second child start to panic:o and contact the first son to ask whether he wrote the paper or not if he says yes phew!:D we r safe but if he said no, well we are doomed!;( Wow the second child just asked the first son to stop writing the paper in order to read this stupid story ayyy z second child:( chiger alebat eko. . . .but finally hope:| the paper is finished on time so that the three children can live happily ever after.:D
             The end.:p



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