​Forget the State of Emergency; Criticize Me.

I am Tollikee Achamyelew Tsigabu. My mother is Daremyelesh Simegnu Sultan. I was born and raised into a peasant family in the sixties. Don’t ask me what happened during the sixties because I already told you that I was born in the sixties. Apart from this colossal calamity that has ever happened to Ethiopia, don’t try to make me speak of history. What history is there anyway? I went to school in the late seventies and completed my highest diploma (the highest diploma there is in the world) failing grade six. I joined the next chapter of my life which is the armed struggle against Dergue. Dergue is xenoglossic language translated into my own language to mean Truth and Its Bearers. I don’t care about history, evidence, reason and sense. I say this because I know you are going to ask me for further explanation of my claims and statements I make. For example you might ask how on earth the meaning of Dergue is Truth and Its Bearers. I don’t know. Back to my life. I spent my entire life maintaining the successes I have earned after failing grade six with the highest diploma in the world. I made myself clear by vowing my undivided allegiance to a system of struggle whose vision revolves around three axes: “conquer”, “divide” and “rule”

Since I am a learned persona, I have to (mis)quote Goethe. “Divide and rule the politicians cry; unite and lead the Wiseman’s watchwords”. As the whole world knows, I am the wisest creature the universe has ever seen. This is how I clung to Goethe`s wisdom, to the extent that I even drove the word “Got” from his name to mean a united nation. My incisive wisdom with its surgical precision also avoids words like unity, leadership, exemplary and vision with their every true sense. Nevertheless I am a trained manipulator of the words. I make statement to create false imagery, conceptual fallacy and clouded judgments.  

My Philosophy and Vision

For me, norm and exceptions are blended. I worship the god of ignorance. My spirit soars in awe of myself. My perpetual novelty is being a corrupt political material. My heaven is will be built on the ruins of goodness, knowledge and unity. My forefront enemies are aspirants of universal fraternity, sacrifice and love. My favorite word is I. I don’t know if I am an evil genius tyrant to my core or a spoiled idiot child anointed with grand scale ignorance. What I know is that it makes a complete sense when people say I am the combination of both

I value the damage I make, not the lives and visions I damage. This is my philosophy. That is why I made the absolute decree of the State of Emergency. Don’t criticize my decree lest I will be more successful by adding one more step towards my mission of destruction

Criticize me. Make me the center of your thought because that is what I always want to hear. Just one more thing. When you do so, use a high tone and sophisticated words from the academia because learned ignorants like me are immune to perceiving the slightest sense of them. 

My Mission

I use nonsense to make sense of my otherwise nonsense existence. I carefully draft and ratify decrees, laws and proclamations. I have to make sure that they are repressive at their best. Their best and worst are synonymous because they are the worst and above all nonsense. It makes sense right? Perfect! Perfect sense! I use them to stifle dissent ideas especially ideas of those who didn’t earn their terminal degree by failing grade six but rather have made more progresses towards lower educations, even Philosophiae Dottoire  and post docs. I order my loyal watchdogs to enforce these laws, decrees and proclamations. They are my shield. They are the life guardians and vanguards of my otherwise groundless stand. I train them as agents whose undying loyalty is to me and only so. 

As I said I am a spoiled child whose best way of expression is uttering hollow promises with their desired outcome being flattery, not deliverance.  I use languages to create distorted deliberations, not liberating truths. 

Honesty, transparency and accountability are cut out of my vocabulary as early as the time I resorted to pursue this selfish ambition of mine. Service, leadership, harmony and sacrifice are meaningless utterances to me. My rather “Romantic Quests” are “conquer”, “divide” and “rule”. When I pronounce the nature of my party and system, I use the term “the ruling party”, not the “leading party” because at times even the devil gives the hint of the glimpse of truth. That is why I am telling you that my mission is destruction. My vision is ruin. My way is tyranny. My shield is my might. I like I. Forget the economy. I have the Developmental State philosophy with “Ethiopia Rising” narrative. Immigration, unemployment, drought, famine, absolute poverty are my real tags. I stifle the alternative idea under the label of neoliberal economic philosophy. All in all, my breed of politics is not about the “affair of the polity”. It is about me, the politician. The true sense of my mode of “republic” is not the “res publica”. Why bother about the res publica, the “public affairs” when you can survive a day or even over quarter a century pursuing your own selfish ambitions at the cost of the nation. Why do I make this much of a case? Why am I stating the obvious? Here is why. Forget the State of Emergency. It wasn’t even approved by the mandatory majority. I added its number of vote. I am the little filthy fascist brute. Criticize me, not the State of Emergency.

My Concerns.

One person who fought my type of system back in the time when I was born on the other side of the shore in the United Sates (What a nonsense it is to say a country is a United States?!), said that “tyrants concede nothing and they concede to nothing”. He is right and he is wrong. He is right because we don’t concede the truth. When it comes to hiding the truth, we leave no stone unturned. If it were possible, we would swallow the sun so that its light wouldn’t shine to expose the truth. The problem is the truth shines even in the dead silent of nights. My comrades and I are the generation who have shaken the mountain. We thought we would never be shaken. The greatest concern is that now there are Qeerroo who have proven to be the generation who wrecked the “mountain-wreckers”. That is my greatest concern. That is why I said that the apartheid fighter from the sixties is partly wrong when he said tyrants concede to nothing and concede nothing. My biggest concern is that one day this generation who wrecked the “mountain-wreckers” would be the agent we are going to concede to. I pray to my might to save me from that day. Qeerroo is being a wave above the sky of my ill wind. Its turbulence isn’t being guided by my wind anymore. I installed the state of emergency to bring my grip a bit tighter. People whom I hate, especially the educated ones say there is no apparent difference between this de jure state of emergency and the de facto one which have been perpetually there as a default modus operandi of my system. I unsettlingly don’t understand what that means. Because I don’t care about what makes sense after all. I have my own enablers. They tell me I am OK. It internally aches me when I hear those lies even if they bring my transient hope of perpetual existence. I am gravely concerned of the fact that I am living in a darkest place. 

Concluding Remarks

Forget the State of Emergency. It is a law, an absolute one which even contains an article that restricts my subjects’ right to criticize it. But there is no rule against criticizing me, yet.  I am a morally corrupt, cognitively dissonant, strategically devilish fascist. I made the State of Emergency. Forget it and rather criticize me till I come up with another rule that forbids doing so. Thank me for your attention!


This is from my dream in which I saw an Ethiopian cabinet minister and MP giving a keynote speech. Then I saw Qeerroos slowly driving this blind monster who lives in the darkness towards a rock. The rock crushed him and he died. Now the time has forgotten him because even the time chose to be busy remembering the bravery of the people. Then I realized that the truth is the final word and the final laughter belongs to its bearers. I hope I will see part II of this vision.