Who is Mustafa M. Omer, Ethio Somale’s new leader?

Mustafa Mohammed Omer, 45, has been serving in different parts of East Africa office of the United Nations as Humanitarian Liaison Officer in Moqadishu, Zimbabwe, UAE and Kenya. He has been a long term vocal critic of the Ethio Somali’s political and human rights abuses for a long time. 

Mustafa Omer, Ethio Somali Region leader

Back in October 2016 he was given an ultimatum by the notorious former president Abdi Illey. The ultimatum was to stop his criticisms against the repression and human rights abuses in the region and instead give  praises for the “development” the region has enjoyed under Abdi Illey’s adminstration, unless he didn’t want his family to pay a heavy price. He refused. Ten days later on Oct. 29, 2016, the Somali Liyou Police abducted his 70 years old father and his younger brother, Faysal Omar from their hometown Dhagahabur. They shot Faysal dead in his father’s eyes. 

Faysal M. Omar, Mustafa’s younger brother who was murdered by Somali Liyou Police by command of Abdi Illey in October 2016

The ruling party in the region, Ethiopia Somali People’s Democratic Party executive and   council members together with clan leaders of the region  unanimously elected Mustafa Omar to be acting president of the region in deputy president portfolio (As he is not member of the regional council)  until elections are held in 2020.  
Despite reservations from ONLF and few groups with special interest in the region, Mr. Omar seems to be capable of navigating the longstanding political instability  and  complex clan dynamics of the region by using his leadership experiences in different capacities in the UN. Mr. Omar is a staunch defender of human rights and a prolific communicator. 

Mengistu Assefa