The Ethno-nationalist: “A Mad Dog On A Leash”!

Everyone hates politics and no one wants to talk about it – even the healthy one, let alone to be involved. But when the tide hits their own home town or ethnic community suddenly all of your friends at work place or in social events are gossiping about politics. Suddenly everyone is someone elses supporter or opposer. And as is the case in Ethiopia right now everyone, who thinks he is someone and knows a thing or two about politics, tries giving you his version of “analysis” of how this country is approaching a doomth-day senario.

But that politics we hate so much only got that ugly because we let the ugly politics bloom in our own backyard by our mere ignorance to it. More so because we supported it knowing all well its ugly face only because it identified with our own inner madness, yet to be revealed at some point in the future if the right buttons were to be pressed.

Don’t dare tell me that it is the fault of that greedy politician. No it is the collective fault of all of us as a society. You contributed as much to the ethnic chaos rampaging your home town by nurturing it with your mere silence. When you well knew long before as that incompetent, wanna be politician ethnonationalist, neighbour of yours was running around in your community as if he was the maker or breaker of what goes on in your community. He got your blessing by your selfish silence before he could ever amount to anything close to public service office.

“A Mad-Dog on a Leash: A pictorial representation of an ethnonationalistic madness ravaging Ethiopia with chaos from end to end like a disease breack out!”

You were feeding the mad dog called ethnonationalist narrative all the while when you well knew its gonna bite you, where the sun don’t shine, some day when it escapes its leashes. But the funny thing is we all keep silent and go about minding our own business until it hits our own back yard too. Only then are we seen to be barking, as if we are going to change the outcome.

Brother wake up!, you may act all cool today enjoying the calm of your town minding your business as if nothing is going around in other places. But it is as sure as hell that your door is next in line to be knocked. Just wait and see for the mad dog to bite your neighbourhood dogs.

In Ethiopia, we failed to nurture a society that believed in principle in the last half a century and now we are ripping the fruits of our ignorance. An ignorance that has resulted in the blooming of nasty flowers of ethnonationalist sentiment all across the nation. In a Country that once was known to be mighty in its unity in diversity to the rest of the World.

It doesn’t matter where the mad dog is barking now be it Diredawa, Wollega, Hawassa, Jigjiga, Asossa or Gonder. One certainly can’t forever keep a mad dog on a leash. It is bound to break free one day, but once it does and starts biting around, well you will definitely be remembering that Zombie movie you once watched with your pals back in the day. And you would wish it was just a movie.

No matter who is around you, but if you notice him running an ill conceived ethnonationalistic madness of an idea and yet gave him the lexury of hearing to his sick racist ideas well you are just digging your own grave at the expense of your time and energy. It is destined to grow big and pervasive because it leaks on the wounds of everyone sympathizing with it in a victim mindset, and trust me that is the majority of the ‘uneducated’.

Let’s be mindful of what we are nurturing around and in our circles both as individuals and as a society, and may be then we will have the oportunity to cut out this cancer of ethnonationalistic madness ravaging our poverty-ridden nation, before it grows too big and systemic for us to do anything about it.

“A Mad Dog on a Leash”