Jawar Mohammed took it personal!

By Ermias Amare

Struggling to redefine its meaning, the word influential, by no means should ever belong to Jawar. His demands are nonsensical, impractical, but above all, never ending. He knows what to ask, how to frame issues, how to capitalize on the government’s flaws, and some people call him political entrepreneur. But he never brought any stand alone, universal solution to the table except being an in-house spoiled brat who finally took the PM’s speech to MP so PERSONAL.

Help me understand this- If Jawar says Oromo first, Hagos can say Tigray first too, and Adefris can say Amhara first. Then who’d be the second? Almost everyone agrees that the multi ethnic Federalism never change. There’s no official talks on going back to unitary. His agressive move is for the quest of Oromo’s proportional share of federal positions & civil servants. But why would an unfair assignment be a tantamount to a total collapse? EPRDF is not the alha and omega of the country. He can form another party than to play ultimatum politics.

While we are cognizant of Jawar’s love to political shakeups, some people still wonder why the government uses a tax payer money to give security to Jawar. It’s simple – the PM owes him a lot. Besides, the PM desperately understands that Jawar use innocent youth’s life as a hostage to fulfill his unrealistic demands. Unfortunately, it’s still in the best interest of the government (the people) to place the highest security should the country get a chance to breath, or until the dust settles.

While Querro #1 still choose to put their eggs in one basket, a good portion of Oromia is reportedly starting to support PM Abiy. I consider that as dent on herd mentality. But there’s a mixed feeling among Tigrean elites. Some say, “when two enemies fight, weak them both”. Others say when two enemies fight, remain silent. On any case, they are cautiously following the developments.

As a reminder, there’s no permanent friends and enemies, Only Permanent interest. Let’s see what the drama queen have to say when he returns home. Will Oromara have to go to a deep renewal (ዓሚቕ ተሃድሶ) to gain momentum through point fingering on TPLF? ምቕናይ!!

One thought on “Jawar Mohammed took it personal!

  1. አድራሻዬ ወጣ አልወጣ ብዙም አይጨንቀኝም። የፀሐፊው ሃሳብ ብስል ነው። ትልቁ ችግር የአብይ አስተዳደር የሚያሳየው ሆደ ሰፊ ነኝ የሚለው አጉል ጴንጢያዊ አካሔድ ይመስለኛል ለነ ጃ ዋርም ዕብሪት ማዳበሪያ የሆኑት። በእርግጥ ይገባኛል ብዙ ውስጣዊ ትስስር የሆኑ ነገሮች አሉ ግን ይህም ቢሆን እስከ መቼ እየታከከ እንደሚቀጥል ሊገባኝ አልቻለም። ይልቁንስ ሚያዋጣው ለጃ ዋር ትክክለኛውን ፍትህ ሰጥተን ቀሪው ትስስር ካላቸው ጋር መጋፈጡ የተሻለ አማራጭ ነው። እንኳን መንግስት በርካታ ሰላይ ይዞ ይቅርና እኛም እንደ ዜጋ ከሱ ጋር እነማን እንደ ተሰለፉና ምን እንዳሰቡ ግልጽ ነው። አገር በስብከት አትመራም በፍትህ ስለት ስይፍ እንጂ። አሁንም ሰይፉን ለማንሳት መፍጠን አለበት አለበለዚያም ቅሞ በጨበሰ ቁጥር ቤተክርስቲያን እና ምዕመን ማለቅ የለበትም። ፍትህ እንሻለን።


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