Editor’s Note: Please click here to download draft copy of “Prosperity Party Regulation” exclusively obtained by Addis Standard

Ephream Sileshi

EPRDF office has released several pictures taken from the first day of the ongoing EC meeting
Photo© Addis Standard

Addis Abeba November 18/2019 – The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) Executive Committee meeting has entered its third day today in what would become the last such meetings before the official end of the Front as a collective of four major parties and five allied parties that form Ethiopia’s governing coalition.

In its first day meeting on Saturday, the Executive Committee has approved the merger of EPRDF paving ways for the formation of the new party, Prosperity Party. Six EC members representing TPLF have voted against the planned merger.

The meeting continued yesterday and “addressed key issues related to the programs of the newly merged party,” according to PM Abiy Ahmed, who is also the current chairman of EPRDF. “I am pleased to share the program is approved,” PM Abiy Tweeted.

Accordingly, the approved party program will be sent to the EPRDF Council for future deliberation, Fikadu Tessema, EPRDF EC representing ODP told state media.

In its third day deliberation today the EC is discussing the draft regulation of the new party, Fekadu said.

The draft regulation of the new party, a copy of which is exclusively obtained by Addis Standard,mentions the name of the new party as “Prosperity Party.” AS

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