TPLF – The Problem Child of Ethiopia

As TPLF was preparing for its massive assault, it continued to destabilize the country by instigating conflicts among different ethnic groups and funding bandits across the country and by conducting other subversive operations.

Negesse Gutema, February 7, 2021

In 2018, a 27-year long tyranny ended by a massive insurrection of the people of Ethiopia,  who have said “enough-is-enough” to the dictatorship of TPLF and its lackeys. Under TPLF’s dictatorship for 27 years, Ethiopians were murdered in mass and buried in mass graves, imprisoned  without due process for years under most abject conditions; tortured and maimed  by the most inhuman methods known to man.

The years leading up to 2018 were rife with mass disobedience against the TPLF Junta demanding freedom, peace, and democracy. All peaceful demonstrations were squashed by military force, ending in gruesome killings, imprisonment, and tortures of thousands of innocent Ethiopians, especially the young. Many who were detained were never to be found, many never walked again due to crippling torture, and many lost their reproductive potential because of the brutal castration techniques used on them to force to incriminate themselves. Martial Law became the way of life under the TPLF.

Peaceful mass protests transitioned into insurrection in reaction to TPLF’s violent suppression. The continued insurrection and the tears of Ethiopians who have lost their sons and daughters to the cannons of TPLF’s special forces (known as Agazi), forced the resignation of the then prime minister  Hailemariam Desalegn, a chosen heir to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Prime Minster Hailemariam’s resignation opened an opportunity to elect an interim PM until the next national election.  To replace Hailemariam Desalegn, the leadership of TPLF and other 3 fronts created by TPLF itself –   collectively known as the Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPDRF) –  elected Dr. Abiy Ahmed.

The election of Dr. Abiy Ahmed to the PM position was an outcome of fierce infighting within the EPDRF ranks and resulted in an unexpectedly stripping of TPLF of its hegemonic control over EPRDF and the entire country. The handpicked individual that TPLF has earmarked to replace PM Desalegn had no chance against this coordinated move by Dr. Abiy, Dr. Lemma Megersa, and Demeke Mekonnen. The election process, which would have normally been effortless selection of another TPLF stooge, took over a week. The coming to power of Dr. Abiy Ahmed was a significant game changer for Ethiopian political landscape.  For TPLF the loss of the PM position was an immediate demise, the last nail in their coffin.  The event shortened TPLF’s expected 100 years hegemony to 27 years.  

Team Lemma (Lemma, Abiy & Demeke)

 Immediately following its loss of control of the central power, TPLF’s leadership retreated to Tigray and camped in a luxury hotel, living high on the hog, devouring the country’s resources. The “superior” TPLF had no intention of playing by the constitution and shrieked at the idea of being a part of a government under the PM that it has dismissed as incompetent underling. Hence, TPLF refused to cooperate with PM Abiy and  worked hard to overthrow him by military coup or attempted to murder him in day light. All the while, the  people of Tigray, like all their brethren in other parts of Ethiopia, lived a meagre life,  largely with  the assistance of  global charities, like Safety Net.

Once moved to Mekelle, TPLF established its operations headquarters in a luxury hotel and became the main roadblock to the new prime minister. They took  key government files and security information and access keys with them, depriving the new PM of control of the government’s security  infrastructure, thereby putting Ethiopia’s national security and sovereignty in peril.  Tigray started to  behave like an independent state and started engaging foreign governments to establish direct  economic, political, and diplomatic relations. The TPLF  cadres and diplomats have been introducing the region of Tigray to other countries as an independent state.

TPLF  leaders formed  a de facto government, moved their  HQs  to the ivory hotel and embarked on destabilizing by Ethiopia by funding, training, and arming various dissident ethnic and political groups in different corners of the country, and funding their  operations. It refused to give up criminals like the former head of intelligence, Getachew Asefa, who disabled the country’s  intelligence network and left with critical secret codes and other important resources. It was determined to trigger a  civil war to return to power or install a puppet at the helm of the Federal Government.

For TPLF  nothing is more important than returning to power and controlling the country’s resources, including government operations and the military. Losing control of central power was a devastating blow to their ambition ruling and plundering Ethiopia for at least 100 years, which they estimated to be necessary to complete their social engineering in defragmenting the country along ethnic enclaves. In accordance with its manifesto of 1976, TPLF’s goal was, at the expense of the rest of the country, to amass wealth and build military might that is unparalleled in Africa, which will enable them to impose dominance over other disjointed and weakened ethnic groups of Ethiopia. It had every intention to form the Greater Republic  of Tigray  and become one of the major powers, if not the major power,  in Africa. Revolutionary Democratic Centralism, another name for a one-party hegemony[1]  would be its form of government. To this end, TPLF has built an intricate network to control the citizens  by its cadres  through a pyramid system known as 1:5[2].

Just like all other parts of the country, TPLF members became disruptive in parliament. To diffuse the impending problems, the PM and his administration and the Ethiopian people were begging TPLF to respect the Constitution, which it has authored and to return and be part of the new government. They  were given a free pass on all their previous criminal and looting activities and were told to keep all the wealth they have accumulated all over the world at the expense and insurmountable debt of Ethiopian people. Ethiopian mothers went to them and fell on their feet, in traditional Ethiopian gesture, and wept asking for them to return to the round table, for peace. Elders, high priests, leaders of Muslim and Christian communities went to beg for negotiations and their consideration to come back to the discussion table. The minister of Peace went to Tigray and met with the juntas and begged, with tears running down her face, to work out differences  with PM Abiy Ahmed through dialogue for the unity and peace of Ethiopia. They were all rejected and sent back with humiliation. Nothing less than taking back power would satisfy them. The unity and peace of the country never  meant anything to TPLF. Up until the eve of TPLF’s attack on the ENDF, PM Abiy Ahmed was extending his arms to embrace TPLF. He sent billions of Ethiopian Birr, loaded on two Ethiopian Airlines jumbo jets, at the request of Debretsion Gebremichael, the newly reelected president of Tigray. These monies were diverted for TPLF’s criminal act immediately after being unloaded. Peace was not on TPLF’s agenda. It was preparing for war.

TPLF pushed on in preparing for war by building trenches, bunkers, underground tunnels (that are large enough to pass multiple vehicles and military convoys) and for sheltering thousands of soldiers, for storing adequate food, medicine, fuel, water, and massive arms. It began to steal from the Federal army and store, in hiding, sophisticated long range missiles, sophisticated long range missiles, rockets, tanks, armored vehicles, bombs, anti-air crafts guns, Kalashnikovs, ammunition, grenades, thousands of high powered machineguns, and military vehicles of all types at strategic locations for rapid mobilization. It trained thousands of additional militias, commandos, and special forces to build a 230,000-persons military might. Many of its militia were coerced into joining its army for fear of retaliation and lose of their properties or lose of benefits. These soldiers included underage children, as the ones shown below.

Young children were recruited into TPLF’s militia

TPLF planned, as confirmed later by its own admission, of the Ethiopian Northern Defense Forces of its massive firepower, which housed 80% of  the nation’s most modern and most sophisticated military hardware and the most experienced fighting force. TPLF was certain that Ethiopia will be a sitting duck without the power NDF, and a decisive and once-for-all victory will be easily achieved to reassert control over the central government.

Immediately after the Peace Treaty with Eritrea was finalized, the Ethiopian government attempted to remove some of the military hardware and the soldiers of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) from Tigray region. TPLF used Tigray Ethiopians as human shields to prevent this move.  This attempt was met with swift reaction by TPLF. TPLF’s claim was that the people of Tigray do not still feel safe facing Eritrea across the border despite the latest peace deal between the leaders of the two countries.  This was one of many tale-tale signs that TPLF was preparing for a major war with the central government.

 TPLF junta never thought it will lose

As TPLF was preparing for its massive assault, it continued to destabilize the country by instigating conflicts among different ethnic groups and funding bandits across the country and by conducting other subversive operations. They intensified the use of their media – TV and radio – for broadcasting political propaganda against the Government of PM Abiy and disseminating lies and fabricated stories to pit one group of people against another based on their ethnicity and religion.

The rouge junta disobeyed the parliament’s decision to postpone the national election, withdrew from the national election board and held its own illegal regional election, ensuring a 98% win – a win well expected.  It excluded the political parties and groups it did not like and included those it created to make the election look like democratic. It proclaimed the central government null and void effective Sept 25, 2013 EC.

TPLF was ready for  the mother-of-all-wars, which it  anticipated would last only from a few days to three months and would catapult it back to  the central government. It has already prepared detailed plan to disarm the Northern Defense Command (NDC) and combine force with its lethal military arsenal that it has been building for over 40 years. By weakening the national defense system and by creating a united front with the enemies of Ethiopia and internal terrorists, TPLF has resolved to tear down Ethiopia and its sovereignty.   

The surprise attack came on November 4, 2020 (24 October 2013 EC) when TPLF unexpectedly invaded the Northern Defense Command (NDC) in the middle of the night, by an operation they dubbed as “preemptive lightning strike”. It attacked and disarmed the unsuspecting soldiers, who were sleeping with their families (babies just born included) after working all day alongside the Tigray farmers, harvesting grains, and chasing the invading locust.

Ethiopia Northern Defense Forces help Tigrayan farmers by collecting their  harvest

Members of the military who have sided with TPLF’s plan have were embedded into the rank-and-file. Key military leadership positions were already held by TPLF members as a matter of the legacy of the TPLF hegemonic rule of the past 27 years. When they started the rampage, the renegade soldiers and the Tigray special forces murdered thousands of members of North Command and chased thousands to Eritrea, some of them strip naked. They held the leaders and thousands of soldiers along with their families  as hostages. They looted major military equipment and moved them to strategic locations to start their aggression. They murdered thousands and left their bodies for the hyenas. They drove trucks and military tanks over disarmed and helpless soldiers. They removed female soldiers’ breasts, sex organs,  and slaughtered them.  They conducted ethnic cleansing of hundreds of all non-Tigrayan Ethiopians at Maikadra, a small town of 40,000 to 45,000 people in Tigray Region, close to the Ethiopian-Sudanese boarder. TPLF organized and trained a youth group known as Samri  for the massacre at Maikadra. Samri , in collaboration with the police and TPLF militias[3] closed off the town to visitors (coming in or going out) to conduct the massacre. These killers then escaped to Sudan and misled the world by spreading false information.

 Once they noticed that things are not going as they planned them, they destroyed the infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports, power lines, and telecommunication lines.  Out of desperation, TPLF fired rockets to Bahir Dar and Gondar, two major cities in Norther Ethiopia. They also fired rockets several times to Asmara, allegedly to draw Eritrea into the war.

They plowed the air strip so planes cannot take off. (Aksum Airport)

 TPLF’s surprise attack on Ethiopian Defense Forces and military installations, put Ethiopia in the path of war. Ethiopia had no choice but to defend itself against a terrorist junta that has caused so much destruction within a matter of hours. Today, thanks to Ethiopia’s highly disciplined defense forces and its dedicated leaders and with the help from the people of Tigray, TPLF has ceased to exist.  Only time will tell whether TPLF’s ideology of hate and loot would also  cease to exist.

Juntas were being hunted down and captured from their hiding caves….

Since TPLF was so confident that it will win the war, it has never thought about what would happen to the people of Tigray if victory did not come its way. TPLF’s lose led to casualties and massive dislocation of the  people of Tigray.  A tyrant and arrogant junta, even when begged to reconsider and return to the government, has refused, and has never thought for one minute about what will be  at stake. It was willing to make the people of Tigray cannon fodders. Children and farmers were being used as shields by the notorious leaders who ratholed themselves in dangerous caves and cliffs.

Some of the key members  TPLF (Dead, In prison, or on the run)

What is remaining is its virtual propaganda machine, spewing poisonous lies  supported by the loyal white TPLFs. TPLF’s lap dogs, such as Martin Plaut, Alex De Waal, and Kjetil Tronvoll,  and others benefited handsomely – for being the mouthpieces  fake and pseudo kind information. TPLF bought these and other white revolutionary democracy cadres and TPLF apologists through diplomatic attaches it has systematically installed in all the Ethiopian embassies all over the world over the past 27+ years.

 Lap dogs of TPLF

When TPLF was in control of the central government, embassy and diplomatic positions were exclusively reserved for its cadres  whose main mission was to ensure its interests were protected. To this end, Embassies of Ethiopia all over the world were converted into major spying  and investing centers for TPLF. The embassy personnel spied on and blacklisted dissident Ethiopian citizens; engaged in massive bribing schemes of foreign government officials, agencies, military leaders,  and any person in power  whom they deemed useful for their cause. According to reports, the TPLF and its crony’s own luxury villas, high risers, real estate agencies, hotels, manufacturing companies, golf courses, restaurants for and on behalf of the TPLF juntas and their relatives; they funded the extravagant life of the children of TPLF leaders; they paid for their children’s and relatives’ higher education at top universities that they did not deserve nor have any qualification to attend. They funded TPLF children’s luxury lifestyle – expensive homes, luxury cars, and other habits. All the bankrolling came from funds Ethiopia borrowed at exorbitant interest rates or received from world organizations. When the junta was overthrown, Ethiopia was  in debt to the tune of 30 Billion USD and her international debt ratio was so high such that her solvency was on the verge of collapsing. Except for the supporters and benefactors of the TPLF, the people of Tigray, gained nothing from 27 years of TPLF misrule. The people of Tigray lived and are still living in abject poverty, like their brothers and sisters in other regions of the country.

Tigrayans lived in poverty while TPLF looted the country. They live on handouts for SafetyNet

The embassies also funded, organized, coordinated, TPLF’s propaganda machines such as, Dimtsi Weyane (DW), Tigray media house, etc., by extending their network across the globe. They worked round the clock to distribute misleading news and digitally fabricated lies. Fabrication by photoshopping, like the one shown below, is common. . Lying to the world will not bring TPLF back other than waging deeper rift between the elites of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopians and perpetuate instability in Tigray. 

 Lying and picture manipulation is TPLF’s  way. TPLF Supporters believe, since  foreigners do not know the difference, it is okay to fabricate lies.

Today, supporters of the defunct TPLF across the globe denounce the legal action taken against  TPLF and cry about the starving Tigrayan Ethiopians. They deny that TPLF has nothing to do with the war of November 4. They deny the murdering of Ethiopian Defense Forces. They not only deny the Maikadra genocide that their forces committed against the Amhara, but they also brazenly claim that the perpetrators of the horror were Amharas!  

This is what it looks like for the people of Tigray… Fighting the unholy war with their leaders enjoying a foreign life.

 Many Tigrayans in the diaspora have shown unity in denouncing the Ethiopian Government’s military action to bring  TPLF criminals to justice. The unexpected defeat of  TPLF has resulted in destroying their dream of being the superior ethnic group in the Horn of Africa. They openly renounced their Ethiopian citizenship. In the past, these people have  never spoken out against TPLF. No one heard from the majority of Tigrayans in the Diaspora when the TPLF-led Government killed, imprisoned, and persecuted, thousands of journalists, opposition politicians and protesters over its 27 years iron-fist rule. They were, in fact, ridiculing those Ethiopians in the Diaspora who raised their voice and took to the streets of several North American and European cities demonstrating against the repression in their country of origin. Now, the positions have changed, the TPLF minions in the Diaspora are the ones who are occupying the same streets appealing to the world to save the TPLF.  

February 4, 2021 became their day of crying campaign on Twitter. Since they have no regard for truth and facts, they went on a rampage to mislead the global public. Since truth did not matter, they posted lies. TPLF remnants and its activists believe that since the average foreigner does not check facts, they officially admit that they fabricate  and exaggerate stories around events that may or may not have happened and repeat it as often as possible to let it stick.

As the diaspora Tigrayans are crying about human rights abuse and occupying the streets of European major cities, the remnants of the junta hide in the mountains of Tigray and  ambush the convoys carrying food and other supplies which was meant for the people of Tigray – they rob from the people they claim to represent, as they have done during their 17 years in the jungle. These  TPLF bandits continued conspiring with entities such as Egypt that are hostile to Ethiopia or forces that are known to have no goodwill towards Ethiopia.  They understand that the TPLF, the problem child of Ethiopia, is not coming back as a viable force. But these remnants, especially in the Diaspora will continue to become a pain for Ethiopia – likely becoming the problem children or grandchildren of Ethiopia. Disrupting the development of Ethiopia through clandestine operations and through sabotaging major infrastructures throughout the country, including the disruption of GERD, could be their focus as no drop of patriotism has left in them.

As this paper is being finalized, the problem children in the diaspora have managed to disrupt the life in Mekelle and surrounding areas by spreading lies and forcing the stores, banks, and other public facilities to shut down. They have cut the power lines, which was just restored after they destroyed it, to disrupt needed food distribution and to corner Tigrayans to revolt against the government.

Ethiopia needs to de-tplfize like entire country  from the corrupt ideology of TPLF, much like Germany de-nazified its people to remove the ideology of Nazism.


The victorious Ethiopian Defense Forces Peaceful and prosperous future for Ethiopia!!!!!

[1] By implementing Democratic Centralism, TPLF controlled every aspect of Ethiopia and the Ethiopians. It sidestepped its own “constitution” and ran the country as it saw fit. The other three members of the coalition and the parliament became stooges under its command and rubberstamp for TPLF’s hegemonic control.

[2] 1:5 is a pyramid style set up of TPLF government where every person creates a cell with 5 persons and controls everyone’s loyalty through political, economic, and social life. Those who are in cell are friends and receive benefits and those outside of the circle are enemies to be converted or to be dealt with as enemies. Enemies will not be eligible to participate in sharing the privileges of being a citizen.  1:5 is a way for TPLF to ensure that Revolutionary is Democratic Centralism implemented.

[3] Ethiopian Human Rights Commission Rapid Investigation into Grave Human Rights Violation in Maikadra Preliminary Findings, 24 November 2020