A Fake Summit for “Democracy”

Author State Minister of Peace, Mr Taye Dende’a

I heard a huge paradoxical news yesterday. A “summit for democracy” in the hands of US! What a joke! How on earth can America conduct a summit for democracy? Where is the moral ground? In fact, dictators were included in the mix, according to “Freedom House”. Two of the 110 invited states are said to be absolute dictators. One of the two must be the USA since its current behaviours & historical accounts approve her dictatorial nature. In that case the summit can be okay. But it is a summit for democracy held by a dictator!

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Actually, democracy is good in its real sense. But America’s system is so far away. It is controlled by a few cruel aristocrats. For them, democracy is a tool for manipulating the mass. Standing with the mass for the mass is a crime. Big examples can be stated! President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated for proclaiming the emancipation of the slaves. The same happened in the 1960s. John F Kennedy was assassinated because of his firm stand for international peace & cooperation. Martin Luther King Junior was also murdered only because he believed in freedom, equality & fraternity of humans. And we vividly remember what happened at the Capitol last year. The controversy over the 2020 US election claimed lives of several innocent ones. Of course, many believe that Biden won by rigging! Then, how can US, as it stands today, speak about democracy? It is okay if for manipulation!

America is not back but went background

Real accounts of America’s democratisation. For long, democracy has been used as a cover for international destruction. In 1945, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, in Japan, were hit by US atomic bombs and the devastating impacts are still lingering. The invasion of Vietnam, in early 1970s, devastated land, plants, animals including humans and the scars are visible. The title of the war on Iraq was weapons of mass destruction, which was later found to be false. But the killing of more than a million & the displacement of more than ten million Iraqis is a fact. The war which was meant for the liberty & dignity of Iraqis resulted in their devastation. Amazingly, US still calls it “democratisation”. The same holds true for Libya & Yemen. The barbaric interference under the guise of democratisation ended up in anarchy & misery! But America, the number one dictator in democratic mask, calls it “democratisation” very smoothly! It is just a global joke!

Fake News Factories (FNF)

We must be conceptually clear about democracy. Literally, it is a system run by the will of the people. Then what do the criminal acts of the USA across the world mean in that dimension? Did the American people have a say in the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Did the American people assassinate Lincoln, Luther & Kennedy? Do the invasions of Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan & others reflect the will of the people of the USA? Did the American people want the killings & displacements of millions of Iraqis, Libyans, Yemenis & Syrians under the pretext of democracy? I think these crimes do not reflect the will of the people. Only the aristocrats, who run the system in the name of American people for their own selfish interest, are responsible. That means democracy exists in USA, but only in a name. Facts speak so! Hence the summit was fake!

I am happy that my country, Ethiopia, was not invited to the fake summit for democracy. South Africa, the country of the Great Mandela, deserves huge respect for declining to participate in the fake meeting! Fake summits will never take us anywhere. Genuine engagements & cooperation based on common interests & the principle of non interference, as stated in UN charter, is the only way to international peace & sustainable development! Hypocrisy adds only costs!

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Finally, the comments do not, in any way, reflect the position of my government. I am writing on a personal status using my natural freedom of expression.